Myoko Class Cruiser

Arp Myoko as she Appeared in World of Warships

Quick Summary:   A fully upgraded Myoko-class cruiser with a unique paint scheme & captain.

Mission Requirements:   A three tiered mission requiring the use of tier 6 or higher vessels to complete.  Stage one:  Sink 30 destroyers.  Stage two:  Set 300 fires.  Stage three:  Do 1,000,000pts damage.  Must have the Yokosuka Harbour selected in your port.


  • Heavy firepower for a cruiser with ten 203mm rifles.
  • Excellent HE performance, with 3300 alpha & base 17% fire chance.
  • Very fast with a 35.0 knot top speed.
  • Excellent torpedo armament with over 17,000 alpha per fish, 62 knot top speed and a 10km range.
  • Very adaptive -- able to perform multiple roles well, including AA support, fleet escort, destroyer hunter or fire support.


  • She's pink! (for me, that's a total pro, but I got out-voted in a committee).
  • Unable to use any form of camouflage.  You're stuck with the pink. 
  • Arpeggio ships count as their own nation.  Can only be used to train other Fog Captains.
  • Unlike other premiums, she does not have increased credit earning.
  • Her primary armament cannot be improved upon with Captain Skills, unlike 155mm or smaller caliber weapons such as on the Mogami, Cleveland or Mikhail Kutuzov.
  • Very slow turret rotation speed of 45s for 180'.
  • Large, vulnerable citadel makes her feel very fragile.
  • Very large surface detection range of 13.1km.
  • AA protection is only modest unless you heavily invest in upgrading it.
  • Torpedo arcs are difficult to use without exposing your broadsides.
  • Very large turning circle of 780m

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