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FV215bWOT logo
Country United Kingdom
Class Heavy Tank Icon Heavy
Tier Tier 10 icon
Battle Tiers 10-12
Research Cost 210000 Experience
Purchase Cost 6100000 Credits
Crew Members 4

The FV215b is a tier-ten British heavy tank. The tank is well known for its rear turret placement, which comes with a number of pros and cons.

Stock Specs Edit

Hit Points: 2500

Hull Armor: 152/101/76 mm
Turret Armor: 254/152/101 mm
Weight/Load Limit: 70.0 / 73.0 t
Engine Power: 950 hp
Speed Limit: 34 km/h
Traverse Speed: 38 deg/s

Standard Shell Damage: 300-500 HP
Standard Shell Penetration: 194-324 mm
Rate of Fire: 6.9 r/m
Turret Traverse Speed: 34 deg/s
View Range: 410 m
Signal Range: 750 m

Tank Modules Edit

Guns Edit

120 mm Gun L1A1 - Tier X
0 Experience
0 Credits
Rate of Fire: 6.9 rounds/min
Average Penetration: 259/326/120 mm
Average Damage: 400/400/515 HP
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.33 m
Aiming Time: 1.7 s
Weight: 2850 kg

Turrets Edit

FV215 - Tier X
0 Experience
0 Credits
Armor: 254/152/101 mm front/sides/rear
Traverse Speed: 34 deg/s
View Range: 410 m
Weight: 16500 kg

Radios Edit

SR C45 - Tier X
0 Experience
0 Credits
Signal Range: 750 m
Weight: 40 kg

Engines Edit

Rolls-Royce Griffon - Tier X
0 Experience
0 Credits
Engine Power: 950 h.p.
Chance of Fire on Impact: 20%
Weight: 925 kg

Suspensions Edit

FV215 - Tier X
0 Experience
0 Credits
Load Limit: 73 t
Traverse Speed: 38 deg/s
Weight: 12000 kg

Suggested Play-style Edit

This tank is able to play as a brawler style tank, but not as aggressive as tanks such as the IS-7, E-100 or Maus. The rear mounted turret allows the tank to efficiently side scrape, but it will require a lot of skill and practice to master the technique in the FV. It is able to go hull down, but its minimal gun depression makes it very difficult to do so on hills, but it is possible. Its armor is nothing to doubt, with an estimated 250+mm front hull with an angle, and almost 310mm frontal turret armor with an angle, meaning it can be a fierce tank if played correctly.

Tanks Before the FV215b
Tanks After the FV215b

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