The Hetzer is one of two German Tank Destroyers of Tierr 4. It is the slower, more heavily armoured

brethran to its counterpart, the Marder 38t. It has an extremely small and low profile and is one of the best tanks considered for ambush tactics. Another readin you should snipe in the bushes is because it is slow. It can be easily flanked in the open but equops two different guns, one is fats firing and good penetration, the other slow to reload howitzer with little penetration.

In-Game Statistics

Hit Points: 270 HP

Weight/Load Limit:16.17/16.8t

Price:164,800 Credits


  • Commander/Radio Operator
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Loader

Engine Power: 100 horsepower

Speed Limit: 42 km/h

Traverse Speed: 28 deg/sec

Turret Traverse Speed: 50 deg/sec

Hull Armor

  • Front: 60mm
  • Sides: 20mm
  • Rear: 20mm

Radio/View Range: 300m/300m

Historical Info

The Hetzer, was a German Tank Destroyer from World War 2.It was based on a modified pre-war Czechoslovakian Panzer 38(t) chassis.Its named origonated when a different prototype's name, the E10, got mixed up with the Hetzer's. When the first unit deployed with it,the name stuck.However,Heinz Guderian incrorrectly stated that the troops had given the name "Hetzer" to this Tank Destroyer.

In-Game Handling

With 60mm of front sloped armor, the Hetzer is one of the more heavily armoured tier 4's. Its 270 hit points are roughly equal to the other tier 4 tank destroyers. It's two main guns- The more DPM based 7,5 Pak 39 L/48 and the more alpha damage based 10,5 CM StuH 42 L/28- ensure suitable gameplay depending on play style preference. In terms of compatibility to other tanks, both top guns carry over to the StuG and Jagdpanzer IV, though their effectiveness is impeeded in higher tier matches. It's engines however are unique to the Hetzer, apart from its second engine, which is upgradable via the Panzer 38t. The frontal hull armor is resiliant, even the Matilda's mighty 2 pounder X-B can ping off the upper hull. Be careful though, the lower hull suffers from frontal transmission placement, and while fires are rare, the engine is easily damaged and destroyed, immobilizing the tank and enabiling the enemy to go around and hit your-while sloped- weak rear armor, consisting of only 8mm.