German Cruiser Hindenburg

German Cruiser Hindenburg

Performance Edit

A solid cruiser that has enough armor to withstand shots from lower tiered ships when angled and a very nice broadside that will shred enemy ships when using AP shells. The Hindenburg suffers when enemy ships angle, but she is still able to penetrate and hit citadels when the enemy comes too close or makes the mistake of showing their broadside. Despite having marginal HE shells, if one trains the Demolitions Expert perk on their commander, setting fires becomes a viable option against well-protected ships. However, she is still outperformed by the Des Moines and the Zao in terms of HE firepower.


  • Good rate of fire housed in 4x3 turrets
  • Excellent shell velocity and low gun arc makes hitting distant targets easier
  • Extreme damage with AP shells against un-angled ships
  • Strong AA armarment for a cruiser, only slightly weaker than the Baltimore's
  • Longest gun range of any cruiser in the game, which can be boosted to 20.7km with the right equipment modules
  • Decent torpedoes with good firing arcs


  • AP shells have lower penetration values than the USN and IJN cruisers leading to inconsistent damage when firing AP
  • Relatively weak HE shells
  • Sluggish maneuverability and low speed leaves much to be desired
  • Large ship size, easy to hit
  • has the least amount of armor among the tier 10 cruisers, making her easy to citadel if one shows her broadside
  • High detectability ranges for a cruiser, 16km stock, although this can be reduced to 12km with the right equipment modules and commander perks selected
  • Carries the same torpedoes as those found on the Königsberg, which only have a range of 6km

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