Japan is a country represented in World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships.

World of Tanks Edit

Japan's tanks can be found within the Japanese Tanks category.

Being an Island nation, Japan did not invest a great deal into tanks, and this can be seen in the game. It's first tank, the Renault Otsu, is a Japanese variant of the Renault FT.  The Japanese tech tree as it stands can be described as similar to the British SPG line, varied between tiers. Between tiers 1-4, the Japanese tanks are given guns that deal decent damage combined with excellent penetration, but lack amazing accuracy and aim time. Their armor is decent and will certainly bounce a shot in a while. They also have American-like gun depression, but turret armor is lacking. Turret size is a factor, giving Japanese tanks small advantages. At tiers 5-8, Japanese tanks are given unique features, not least their lack of armor and minimal speed, or the fact that their tier 7 is given an auto-loader. When moving up to tier 9-10, the Japanese finally adopt the universal tank doctrine, Combining speed and armament. It should be noted that the Japanese tier 10, the STB-1, rivals the view range of the M48 Patton, with only 10 meters less view range.

World of Warplanes Edit

Japan's warplanes can be found within the Japanese Warplanes category.

World of Warships Edit

Japan's warships can be found within the Japanese Warships category.

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