The KV-2 is a Soviet, tier 6, heavy tank.

This tank features an extremely large turrent, and is able to mount the 152mm M-10 howitzer. But this gun, while powerful, is immensely inaccurate and has a long reload time. It's armor remains unchanged from the KV-1, meaning bounces are rare against this tank

The KV-2 features 2 of the greatest and most powerful guns in the game. The infamous feature of the tank is its 152mm M-10 Howitzer. Equipped with this gun the KV-2 can 1-shot every tier 4 in-game and some tier 5's. Using HE, this tank can do devastating amounts of damage, with an average damage of 900 odd HP. The tank can also mount the 107mm ZiS-6, which sacrifices damage while increasing accuracy and decreasing reload time.

The tank however lacks speed, and will struggle to reach top speed on rough ground. It also has a slow turret traverse speed, allowing light tanks, fast mediums and even some heavy tanks to outflank it.