Warships in World of Warships are divided up by country and class. Below is a full list of warships.

United States Edit

Name Class Tier
Erie Cruiser I
Chester Cruiser II
Albany Cruiser II
St. Louis Cruiser III
Phoenix Cruiser IV
Omaha Cruiser V
Cleveland Cruiser VI
Pensacola Cruiser VII
Atlanta Cruiser VII
New Orleans Cruiser VIII
Baltimore Cruiser IX
Des Moines Cruiser X
Langley Aircraft Carrier IV
Independence Aircraft Carrier VI
Ranger Aircraft Carrier VII
Lexington Aircraft Carrier VIII
Essex Aircraft Carrier IX
Midway Aircraft Carrier X
Sampson Destroyer II
Wickes Destroyer III
Clemson Destroyer IV
Nicholas Destroyer V
Farragut Destroyer VI
Mahan Destroyer VII
Benson Destroyer VIII
Fletcher Destroyer IX
Montana Battleship X
Iowa Battleship IX
North Carolina Battleship VIII
Wyoming Battleship IV


Name Class Tier
Katori Cruiser I
Chikuma Cruiser II
Kuma Cruiser IV
Yubari Cruiser IV
Aoba Cruiser VI
Myoko Cruiser VII
Mogami Cruiser VIII
Kitakami Cruiser VIII
Ibuki Cruiser IX
Kawachi Battleship III
Myogi Battleship IV
Kongo Battleship V
Fuso Battleship VI
Nagato Battleship VII
Amagi Battleship VIII
Yamato Battleship X
Umikaze Destroyer II
Wakatake Destroyer III
Isokaze Destroyer IV
Minekaze Destroyer V
Mutsuki Destroyer VI
Hatsuharu Destroyer VII
Fubuki Destroyer VIII
Kagero Destroyer IX
Shimakaze Destroyer X


Name Class Tier
Aurora Cruiser III
Gremyashchiy Cruiser V
Imperator Nikolai I Battleship IV


Germany is currently not in the game, but when the game was still in beta, some test players were able to play with Tirpitz, a battleship of high tier.

Other nations such as Germany might be added to the game later.

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