Chinese Destroyer Lo Yang

Taiwanese Destroyer Lo Yang

Lo Yang is a Benson-class destroyer, which was acquired by the Republic of China Navy and as such has the same characteristics as USS Benson in her top configuration. Powerful Anti-aircraft armaments make Lo Yang one of the best ships in her class for escort duties. As with most US destroyers, guns are the weapon of choice during engagements, as they have a high rate of fire and a rapid turret rotation speed. Edit

Lo Yang in a nutshell: Edit

  • Lo Yang, being USS Benson in dragon's clothing, is an ideal skirmisher not only because of her rapid firing guns. Although these are the true mainstay of this class of ships, no matter which flags they are flying. Strong AA guns combined with speed and relative durability are a given.
  • The unique ability to house the Hydroacoustic Search consumable on board this ship will allow you to flush out hostile destroyers lurking in the relative safety of their smoke screens. Fire this consumable up when approaching a thick cloud of laid down smoke and watch enemy destroyers light up like little candles. Don't forget to douse them promptly!
  • High-speed, short-range torpedoes can end any ship's story by hitting hard and fast in close-quarter brushes, catching both careless battleships as well as clumsy destroyers by surprise. In comparison to BensonLo Yang´s fastest torpedoes can reach their prey up to an extended range of 6 kilometres while maintaining a speed of 68 knots.
  • A wide choice of consumables allows you to tweak the ship, so that it matches your play style preferences. This dragon is highly customisable, what more can we say?!

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