In- Game

The MS-1 is the  tier 1 Soviet tank. You have to start with MS-1, if you want to be a soviet tank commander. It can be somewhat harder to hit than the Leichtraktor and the T-1 Cunningham due to its smaller size, but the MS-1 has slightly less HP. It is also noted that it is one of the cheapest tanks to acquire Regimental school training status due to having only 2 crew members.


The MS-1 (Maliy Soprovozhediya- Perviy, "First Small [Vehicle for] Support) or otherwise known as the T-18 tank is the first Soviet designed tank. Produced from 1928-1931, it apparently had an unsuccessful designs, but they gave the Soviet industry its first experience on designing armored vehicles.

From MS-1 you can research:

SU-18 (SPG) (in game)

T-26 (Light tank) (in game)

BT-2 (Light tank) (in game)

AT-1 (TD) (in game)