The Marder II is a T3 German Tank Destroyer.  It is relatively fast, but not as fast as some lights of its tier.  It also has a powerful gun, capable of destroying a light of its tier in two or three shots.  As with most low-tier TDs, it has little armor and health, but the next tank of its line has more armor than almost any tank of its tier.


The Marder II has an excellent gun, capable of 1-hitting most t1s and t2s.  It also is capable of reaching fifty kilometers an hour, and can move as fast as a Medium III.


The Marder II has almost no armor, health, or repair.  It has no turret, so if it is tracked, it will be a sitting duck.


The Marder II is best at fighting light tanks, which have low health so it can't take much damage.  The Marder II can also be an exellent SPG hunter, slipping behind enemy lines to snipe the artillery.


The Marder II is an exeptional tank, capable of fighting heavy mediums of its tier.  It is nowhere near as good as the Hetzer, but can destroy almost anything of its tier.

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