Japanese Battleship Mikasa

Japanese Battleship Mikasa

IJN Mikasa - The Hero of Tsushima Edit

The legendary pre-dreadnought-era battleship Mikasa was commissioned into service in 1902 and served until 1923, when she was decommissioned as part of the Washington Naval Treaty. She then was appointed as a museum ship in the city of Yokosuka, Japan, where the old ship found her resting place. In fact, Mikasa is the very last remaining example of her era anywhere in the world and if you are interested in her rich historical background, our own Richard “The Challenger” Cutland accepted an invitation to walk her deck in the first episode of the “Inside the Ships” video series.

In World of Warships her key advantages are relatively powerful main battery high explosive (HE) shells, respectable secondary armaments, thick armour, high accuracy and favourable matchmaking.

Mikasa in a nutshell: Edit

  • High durability is definitely one of Mikasa´s strengths, as she compares favourably even to higher Tier counterparts, such as South Carolina and Kawachi. Her thick armour and relatively high number of hit-points will keep you afloat for a long time.
  • While her main battery leaves a lot to be desired, the power of her HE shell salvoes will soften even the toughest opponents you are likely to encounter on the high seas.
  • The secondary armament is really the main feature of this ship. Not even Kawachi at Tier III can compare to the sheer destructive potency of eighteen 80mm and fourteen 152mm guns that will rip through anything that gets close enough. Mikasa is a brawler and she knows it.

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