USS North Carolina

North Carolina

Performance Edit

The biggest transition in American battleship gameplay, the North Carolina, often called "No Cal" or her nickname "The Showboat", is the first fast battleship you will ever be in the helm of and she will utterly impress those who are used to the pudgy, well protected appearance, ergonomics and the range of her dreadnought predecessors as she boasts speed, protection, armament and ergonomics that improved in the span of the 15 year gap in battleship building. As the first "fast" battleship evolution, you should notice her speed while, at most her tier 8 battleship colleagues Tirpitz and Amagi can outrun her, is reasonable enough to reach her destination and her main battery can begin the engagement with her opening shots even if she does not reach the target as fast provided if an enemy has been seen. Even at stock, she is still a very sound battleship and her AA suite is good enough to offer protection from lower tier carriers. While the North Carolina can fire at long range, she has a questionable dispersion which can be adverse when firing at long range, added the fact that you cannot mount the main battery accuracy mod but you can extend firing range to a whopping 25km.


  • Highest range of any tier 8 battleship.
  • Good AA suite for a battleship.
  • Very durable when angling the bow towards against gunfire.
  • Decently fast at nearly 28 kts.
  • Improved 16 inch guns


  • Rudder shift is slightly slow.
  • Poor shells dispersion, can't mount accuracy mod to reduce it.
  • Large citadel, showing your broadside is completely suicide.
  • Have very poor TDS with only 18.9% compare to Tirpitz 21.9% and Amagi 42.9%.
  • Secondary guns are worse than Amagi and Tirpitz.
  • Questionable AP shell penetration

Early Research Edit

  • Research the engine first for the improved speed
  • Then research the hull upgrade for the better AA and HP
  • The FCS module can be saved for last as the stock range is already impressive

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