Panzer 1CEdit

The Panzer 1C is a t3 German Light tank.


Its main advantages include speed in everything.  It can shoot over two hundred shots a minute with its autoloader, and is extremely fast, with downhill 1Cs reported to get to speeds of up to 90 kph, the fastest tank in the game.


The Panzer 1C has an autoloader gun, and only penetrates because of the sheer number of shots.  It also has very little armor, depending on shots missing it because of extreme speed.


The 1C is a fast, maneuverable tank, and as such it is best suited to fighting tank destroyers, as it can move faster than they can turn and can penetrate their armor, and SPGs, for the same reasons.  An M3 Lee, if you can get behind it, can be tracked and then finished off at leisure by SPGs or, if you have enough time, you can kill it yourself.  It is also extremely good for spotting, for obvious reasons.


This is a very powerful tank for its tier, if it is used the right way.  The author has gotten twelve kills in a battle, damaged two other tanks, and lured the third off a bridge in a Panzer 1C.

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