The SU-100 is a Soviet tier 6 tank destroyer.

Self-propelled gun on the chassis of the T-34-85 and SU-85, with a total of 2,495 vehicles produced from September 1944 through June 1945.

It performs much like the SU-85, but has more armor and a much more powerful gun. The 85mm D5S-85BM and the starting 85mm D-5S gun carries over from the SU-85. The 85mm D-5S shows its weakness when fighting tier 7 tanks and above. You should already have the improved 85mm gun, as it is on the SU-85, and use it to get the 100mm, which is suitable for killing fast moving tanks, thanks to its high rate of fire and acceptable penetration power. Finally, you'll gain the option to equip the 122mm D-2-5S, which painfully stings heavy tanks at the expense of firing rate and accuracy.

The SU-100 leads to the SU-100M1 and the SU-152.

-The SU-100 is a support vehicle. Its thin armor and low hit points (even for a TD) means it cannot and will not take much punishment before becoming a smoking wreck. Most tanks your tier and above won't have to aim for weak spots to damage you. However this TD has the biggest punch of its tier, capable of crippling or outright destroying any tank it faces. The choice of higher DPM on the D10S or higher alpha damage on the D-2-5S allows for different styles of play. The 100mm is more suited for true "Tank Destroyer" sniping with a good aim time, decent reload, and acceptable accuracy. The 122mm is suited for ambushes, surprise attacks, and supporting your allies on a push to the enemy base. However its slow aim time and long reload means that after a shot it must find cover. The SU-100 also benefits from good camo, so it can do both roles without the enemy noticing. Overall it is an excellent but tricky tank to master.

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