The SU-100Y was added in patch 0.8.4, and has one of the most potent guns at tier 6, the 130mm B-13-S2, a gun that the Soviet Union used as the standard weapon of its destroyers. This weapon is lacking  only in Rate of Fire, with  3.75 rounds per minute, yet this can be bought down with a higher trained crew, a tank-gun rammer and ventilation. This tank has a high top speed, but lacks in armor, with only 60mm at the front, sides and rear.

Suggested PlaystyleEdit

This tank lacks the view range and signal range to work as an ambush tank destroyer, use it like the StuG III assult gun that never was, only with a 130mm assult gun. It should be noted that the SU-100Y's premium ammunition, PB-46A armor peircing, is not very differant from its standard ammunition, only increasing the damage by 100HP and lowering the penetration. This tank should never travel alone, it may do a large amount of damage, but it will not kill a full health tier 6, let alone a tier 7.

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