The SU-152 is a Soviet tier 7 tank destroyer.

A heavy self-propelled gun on the hull of the KV-1S tank, with a total of 671 vehicles built from February through December 1943.

While having a very powerful gun and based on the KV-1S chassis, the SU-152 has relatively weak armor for a tank destroyer. On top of that, it has low speed and maneuverability. Most higher tier heavies will have no problems piercing the frontal armor, so it is best to use the low profile of this tank and remain at range to make yourself a much smaller target. It initially mounts a stinging 152mm gun. The penetration is poor, so use HEAT and HE rounds as you will be facing a lot of higher tier tanks. This gun can't penetrate most heavy tanks and with its poor accuracy, its not really a sniping tank unless mounted with the 122mm series gun. Beware, it doesn't store much ammo, so for trigger happy folk, consider yourself warned. The upgraded 122mm gun has good penetration, decent damage and a high rate of fire for such a large weapon. Being more accurate than the 152mm, it truly brings out the potential of this tank.

The SU-152 leads to the ISU-152.

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