The SU-85 is a Soviet tier 5 tank destroyer.

Tank destroyer on the chassis of the T-34 and SU-122, with a total of 2,329 vehicles produced from August 1943 through October 1944, and 638 of the SU-122 vehicles built from December 1942 through August 1943.

With a covered top, the SU-85 has much better survivability against HE damage than its predecessor, the SU-85B. Despite this, the weak armor and low HP of the SU-85 requires it to cling to its stealth in order to survive; one should avoid direct confrontation as long as possible. With decent accuracy, modest penetration, and respectable damage, the gun of choice for many players is the 85mm D5S-85BM. Worth noting is another possible weapon, the 122 mm M-30S, which can be devastating at close range with HEAT ammunition, and possibly HE in 8.6, although one must make sure to be fully aimed and not too far away, due to the extreme inaccuracy. Whichever weapon you choose, be extremely cautious of taking return fire.

The SU-85 leads to the SU-100.

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