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Sexton IWOT logo
Sexton I
Country United Kingdom
Class Self-Propelled Gun Icon SPG
Tier Tier 03 icon
Battle Tiers 03-05
Research Cost 0 Experience
Purchase Cost 1250 Gold
Crew Members 6

The Sexton I is a tier-3 premium British SPG.

Stock Specs Edit

Hit Points: 140

Hull Armor: 50/31/38 mm
Turret Armor:
Weight/Load Limit: 25.86 / 31.0 t
Engine Power: 390 hp
Speed Limit: 40 km/h
Traverse Speed: 24 deg/s

Standard Shell Damage: 210-350 HP
Standard Shell Penetration: 33-55 mm
Rate of Fire: 5 r/m
Turret Traverse Speed:
View Range: 330 m
Signal Range: 570 m

Tank Modules Edit

Guns Edit

Q.F. 25-Pr. Gun/How. Mk. II - Tier IV
0 Experience
0 Credits
Rate of Fire: 5 rounds/min
Average Penetration: 44/92/71 mm
Average Damage: 280/180/180 HP
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.76 m
Aiming Time: 5.5 s
Weight: 510 kg

Radios Edit

WS No. 19 Special - Tier IX
0 Experience
0 Credits
Signal Range: 570 m
Weight: 40 kg

Engines Edit

Wright (Continental) R975 EC2 - Tier V
0 Experience
0 Credits
Engine Power: 390 h.p.
Chance of Fire on Impact: 20%
Weight: 516 kg

Suspensions Edit

Sexton I - Tier III
0 Experience
0 Credits
Load Limit: 31 t
Traverse Speed: 24 deg/s
Weight: 11000 kg

Suggested Play-style Edit

Tanks Before the Sexton I
Tanks After the Sexton I

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