File:Germany-Bison I.png
The Sturmpanzer I Bison is a Tier 2 German Artillery.


This SPG was equipped with a gun which could fire from the armored enclosure or be removed to fire from the regular gun carriage. In Febuary 1940 a total of 38 vehicles were converted from the PzKpfw I.

In-Game StatisticsEdit

Hit Points: 140

Weight/Load Limit: 6.72/8.5

Engine Power: 65 h.p.

Speed Limit: 40 km/h

Traverse Speed: 16

Hull Armor: 13/10/14

Standard Shell Damage: 150-250

Standard Shell Penetration: 56-94mm

Rate of Fire: 4.40 rounds/min

Gun Traverse Speed: 25

View Range: 460

Signal Range: 300


World of Tanks Tech Tree

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