The T-43 is the Soviet tier 7 Medium tank. It features a stronger armored hull than the T-34 and the T-34-85 and a four-man crew compared to the 5 man crew of the T-34-85 (due to the dismissal of radio operator). It has the same armament capacities as the T-34-85. The top speed is slightly slower than it's predecessors, due to heavier weight. It's strong points are good armament, a big amount of HP and a combination of a low silhouette and good mobility. It is an all round good tank with great potential for assaults and close range combat: it retains the tradition of Soviet tanks: a fast turning turret and great mobility.

T-43 can be accessed from:

T-34-85 (Medium tank) (In game)

From T-43 you can get access to:

T-44 (Medium tank) (In game)