Warplane Classes are the different types, or roles, of warplanes in World of Warplanes. There are currently four main classifications of warplanes in the game, found listed below.


Designed for maneuvering engagements, these aircraft offer the greatest variety of tactics to use. Fighters are divided into the following groups according to nation, design school, and the ways in which they can be employed in battle: (1) aircraft for vertical combat ("boom-n-zoomers"), aircraft for horizontal combat (turnfighters) and multi-role aircraft that are superior to turnfighters in dynamics and to boom-and-zoomers in maneuverability.

Multirole FightersEdit

Universal warplanes, designed for a wide range of combat tasks. These planes can conduct active maneuvering combat with enemy planes, and deal significant damage to ground targets for the benefit of their team.

Depending on the modification, they can use bombs, rockets or high caliber guns to attack ground targets.

Heavy FightersEdit

These “hunters” offer the advantages of heavy armament and good airspeed. Heavy fighters feature poor maneuverability and dynamics, but prove deadly in diving attacks. They often carry a rear gunner for defensive purposes. Some heavy fighters can also be successfully used as fighter-bombers.

Attack AircraftEdit

Strike aircraft ideal for destroying ground targets. These aircraft carry the widest range of bombs and rockets along with powerful machine guns and autocannons. Currently, World of Warplanes features a branch of the Ilyushin heavily-armored attack aircraft of the Soviet tech tree.

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