HMS Warspite

HMS Warspite

The HMS Warspite is the first British warship in the game. Her Main Gun's caliber is similar to the first German warship The Tirpitz. Both Warships have equally strong Armor and Guns, but her Tier is lower than Tirpitz's Tier IV  and her speed was 25 knots, 6 Knots slower than Tirpitz (31 Knots)

HMS Warspite – Stiff upper lip, captains! Edit

An iconic ship, “The Grand Old Lady”, HMS Warspite. Her groundbreaking 15-inch guns will tear her opponents apart if she manages to get close enough to engage in a gunnery duel, staying afloat by withstanding any incoming fire with her bulky armour. Fantastic maneuverability will also keep her relatively safe from torpedo attacks, which are easy to dodge thanks to her extremely tight turning circle – for a battleship, and despite her bulky looks, this one can really turn.

HMS Warspite is the first ship of the Royal Navy in the game and there really is no better way to start preparing for the future coming of the rest of the British fleet than by teaching your crew to keep a “stiff-upper-lip”.

HMS Warspite in a nutshell: Edit

  • A tough nut to crack with very good survivability
  • The anti-torpedo bulge will make sure torpedoes are not as effective
  • Massive guns – what more is there to say?
  • A tight turning circle will help you dodge most torpedo attacks with ease if spotted early enough
  • Very good anti-air capability compared to US battleships up to Tier VII and on par with Japanese battleships

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