World of Warplanes
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Developer(s) Persha Studios
Version ???
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Online action
OS Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU Processor (CPU): 2.66 GHz
GPU GeForce 8600GT/ATI HD 2600 (shaders 3.0, 256Mb RAM)
Sound DirectX 9.0c compatible

World of Warplanes is an action MMO set during the "Fiction Age" of military aviation. The game is very similar to World of Tanks in terms of gameplay, with the notable exception that all battles take place in the air within planes instead of on the ground in tanks.


Fights are between two teams, take place entirely in the air, and last for approximately 15 minutes. Fights end when one side is eliminated or a team reaches supremacy (Destroying Hostile Ground/Air Targets and holding the score long enough for a long time, which will decrease if a Friendly Ground/Air Target is lost).

There are three main classes of warplane: fighters for melee combat maneuvering, heavy fighters with powerful weapons, and "sturmoviks", or attack aircraft, which do massive damage to ground targets. Of these planes, only a handful ever actually existed, with special emphasis being placed on aircraft that either never flew that never made it out of the design phase.